Ramin Asadi, as an Author, researcher, consultant and instructor has had widespread studies in different areas like anthropology and ethnology, sociology and social pathology, social psychology, tourism, strategy and mind management. He served as a permanent member of a number of associations, scientific institutions and research centers. He is former Consultant of Social Affairs and President of the Committee of Cultural Heritage, Iran and World Tourism during 6th Parliament, Consultant of Orphans in Red Crescent, Consultant of Red Crescent Population of East Azerbaijan, Consultant of Public and Private Organizations and lecturer of Tourism and Management Services. He has published more than 30 books on tourism and social sciences topics and has 15 published articles in accredited international journals. Ramin Asadi, President of Board of Directors in Azerbaijan Industry and Agriculture Development and Studies Company, has over 22 years of experience in this corporation and now directs the company as Chief Executive Officer and a member of Board of Directors. Also, he acts as a strategist and manager of large organizations and companies. Several awards are the result of his humanistic activities in different social areas, outstanding efforts in orphan's affairs and promoting their life standards and his endeavors to reduce the social and psychological damages of leprosy and solving the life and social problems of lepers in Iran. He holds doctorate in Business Administration, some professional higher courses and is a researcher in doctorate course. His outstanding efforts resulted in bestowing Honorary Order of Wisdom and Learning.