Dr. Ramin Asadi

President of Board of Directors in Iranian Trade and Industry Development and Studies Company
Over 22 years of experience as the President of Board of Directors in Iranian Trade and Industry Development and Studies Company and as Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors from 2012 till now.
Iranian Trade and Industry Development and Studies company specialized in planning and data gathering and active cooperation with information centers and creating databank, cooperates in programs related to environmental pollution, trade and commerce to provide requirements of agriculture and industry sectors, growing and harvesting agricultural products, stockbreeding and providing veterinary supplies, affairs related to fisheries, proving consultancy services in planning and management and providing educational services in different fields.

Founder and President of Iran Technical and Vocational Complex
ITC uses the latest technologies and most suitable educational tools and experienced and educated academic groups to provide the most complete and high quality services. Flexibility and the programs of the lessons are done on the basis of needs of labor market and last headlines and resources, utilizing bilateral educational systems, preparing students for specific jobs on the basis of skills and knowledge are important specifications of educational system of Iran technical complex which can provide job opportunities and bright future for learners.

Consultant of Red Crescent Population of East Azerbaijan
High consultant of Red Crescent of East Azerbaijan Regarding several years of experience besides high scientific abilities and proficiency in management of different economic projects and leading social activities and active participation in public utility and beneficiary services, Dr. Ramin Asadi was selected as high consultant by Red Crescent population.
Dr. Ramin Asadi has provided valuable and considerable services to this organization and other similar organizations as high consultant of Red Crescent population, so that has got plaque of appreciation for several times because of his innovative ideas, new and considerable plans. Provided services were in the forms of professional consultancy in different fields, like methods of management and administration of organization, preparing strategies, plans for human resources and organizational cultures, organizational pathology, establishing educational centers, professional libraries, holding exhibitions and seminars and providing suitable solutions to remove barriers which resulted in improving functionality in Red Crescent population.

Consultants of Orphans in Red Crescent
Consultant of orphans in Red Crescent population according to the chief executive office of Red Crescent population.
Abundant interest and experience of Dr. Rmain Asadi in the orphans affairs and his specially in this field besides his efforts and using latest scientific achievements has resulted in qualitative and quantitative development of informing, promotion of living conditions, acquisition of social right and meeting their basic needs.
In addition, his scientific plans and valuable programs which have been successful in creating considerable changes and proper management of "Child's Home" orphanage and success of supervised children and alleviating social problems of the orphans are really appreciable.

Consultant of Social Affairs of President of the Committee of Cultural Heritage During 6th Parliament
Consultant of social affairs of the president of the cultural heritage committee, Iran and world tourism during 6th parliament (2000_2004).
• Four years of experience in cultural and social fields
• Surveying the specifications of Iran culture and recognizing it’s strengths and weaknesses
• Surveying cultural and social relations of Iranians and their social personality
• Social roots of inefficiency of Iranian managers
• Surveying accordance of Iran culture with social and economic reformations
• Barriers of scientific growth and educational system in Iran
• Pathology of organizational culture
• A large scope of studies about the reasons of no political and economic development in third world countries and studies of Iran culture
• Tourism and cultural heritage

Consultant of Public and Private Organizations
Consultation, executive and educational services
• Management of grand economic projects
• Designing and executive grand innovative projects in agriculture, industry and service sectors
• Providing consulting and educational services in the fields of:
- Entrepreneurship
- Human resource and organizational culture
- Strategy
- Organizational pathology
- System approach
- Organizational behavior
- Management skills
- Higher education
- Holding specialized seminars
- Management of complicated organizations
- Tourism