Permanent member of Iranian Academy of Management Sciences of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology
According to article 8 of regulations about registration of non-commercial institutions, Iran academy of management science was established on 15th April 1997 in the office of registration of companies and non-commercial institutions in Tehran (numbered 9433). Full name of this institution is Iran academy of management sciences and was established with the aim of improving management science and quantitative and qualitative development of expert human resources and improving social and research affairs in the fields of management. This academy is a kind of non- profit institution and is active in scientific and research fields.

Permanent Member of Iranian Political Science Association (Faculty of law and political science)
Iran political sciences association was established in 2003 for scientific improvement of the workers of association and qualitative development of experts and improving education and research affairs in the fields of politics and related fields. This association under the supervision of the ministry of science, research and technology aims at creating a suitable environment for university professors of political sciences and international relations.

Permanent Member of Association of Geopolitics (IAG)
Iran association of geopolitics is a non-profit association, established on June 21st of 2003 and is active in scientific, research and consulting.

Permanent Member of Iranian Scientific Commerce Association
Iranian Scientific Commerce Association (ISCA) is a non-profit entity which was established in February 2003, after getting licensed by Scientific Associations Commission of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, to promote the advancement of knowledge and qualitative and quantitative improvement of skilled manpower and research and education in related fields. ISCA is registered under number 14912 in the Office for Registration of Non-Profit Firms and Institutions.

Permanent Member of Iranian Higher Education Institute
The IHEA is a nonprofit, voluntary, professional education association of degree-granting postsecondary institutions, government agencies, and higher education coordinating boards, private educational organizations, and education-oriented businesses.
Its goal is to promote higher education and further the professional development of members working in admissions, enrollment management, financial aid, institutional research, records, registration, scheduling, academic standards, and student progress. The Association gathers and cultivates a lot of excellent academic talents, organizes the new high-level scientific research on academic frontiers and the socioeconomic development of major theoretical and practical issues around the strategies of national & International higher education development.
IHEA encourages professional networks, research, and exchange of information for its members and advocates continuing higher education as a means of enhancing and improving society.

Permanent Member of Iranian Sociological Association (Faculty of Social Sciences of Tehran University)
Founded in 1991, the Iranian Sociological Association is a non-profit organization active in the areas of science, research as well as consulting.
In 2009 and 2010, the Association was chosen as an “Outstanding Association” by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
Goals of the Association
- Production and promotion of sociological knowledge.
- Compilation and publication of rules and regulations regarding social and methodological norms, as well as scientific ethics for sociologists.
- Development of scientific commitment and collective identity among sociologists.
- Expansion, enhancement and enrichment of relations among scientific communities.

Member of the Association of Iran Management Advisors
At the end of 1940s, With the expansion of industrial activities in the country and the transfer of experiences from the late Planning Organization to the Ministry of Industries and Mines, some Management Associations and also the Industrial Management Organization were formed, which resulted in more management consultancy services in the country and more acceleration of this profession.

Member of the Association of Support to Writers, Artists and Journalists